Hottest Deal in Los Angeles

Both the car & the price. We're the most flexible Lamborghini Rental in Los Angeles with age, miles & price.

You're In Charge

We know you want to have fun, so we're not going to get in the way. You pay and so play.

No Branding

You won't see any "Rent Me" signs on our Lambo! Drive like a boss without anyone knowing it's Lamborghini Rental LA.

What's Under the Hood?

Let's meet the Bull.
 Engine: 5.2 L  V-10
 Power: 573 HP @ 8,000 RPM
 Acceleration 0-60: 2-3 seconds
 Top Speed: 200 MPH

Unlimited Miles Option & Flexible Rental Deals

We Are The Choice of Celebrities & Big Shots!

We know the Los Angeles vibe and we're not going to kill it with our Lamborghini rental. Other Los Angeles Lamborghini rental companies will bombard you with so many papers and legal junk that you won't want to drive the Lambo by then. With us, you book fast and drive even faster!

  • Best Price in Los Angeles
  • Flexible Renter's Age
  • Well Maintained Lambo
  • Unlimited Miles Option
  • No “Hire/Rent Me" Branding Signs
  • Rent Longer & Save More
  • Easy & Fast Process
  • Well Optioned Exotic


Make a reservation today!
  • Flat Rate Cost
  • Weekend or Weekday
  • 100 Miles/Day
  • Book Instantly
  • Taxes & Fees Included
  • Guaranteed Reservation

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